Guake is a dropdown terminal made for the GNOME desktop environment. Guake's style of window is based on an FPS game, and one of its goals is to be easy to reach. Recently, my new Ubuntu 18.04 LTS is meeting a bug. When I was trying to exit a shell, the Guake would hang over there, which makes this application even unable to use.

A few bug reports could be found on the network, like here, here, and here. It started around 1 year ago. However, my latest package does still meeting the same issue.

Finally, I found a solution that works for my system.

sudo apt install --reinstall libutempter0

Hoping it helps.

Updated 2021:

Dear dudes, I really delight to hear this small note viewed by you and may make a few tiny help. However, it is 2021, and I still could get your response. I do respect the bug, which is a REAL TOUGH GUY!

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Mikhail · October 3, 2019 at 03:08

Firefox 69.0 Firefox 69.0 Ubuntu x64 Ubuntu x64

Thank you! It works

    Yu · October 7, 2019 at 23:10

    Google Chrome 77.0.3865.90 Google Chrome 77.0.3865.90 Mac OS X  10.14.6 Mac OS X 10.14.6

    Another year has already passed away, and I could not imagine this issue still not fixed.

      Arico · January 17, 2021 at 07:56

      Firefox 84.0 Firefox 84.0 Ubuntu x64 Ubuntu x64

      Thank you! Worked for me too.

rubb · March 29, 2019 at 16:26

Chromium 73.0.3683.75 Chromium 73.0.3683.75 GNU/Linux x64 GNU/Linux x64

It worked for me too under Ubuntu 18

audun · January 21, 2019 at 06:04

Firefox 64.0 Firefox 64.0 Ubuntu x64 Ubuntu x64

Thanks. Solved for me too

Anon · September 21, 2018 at 13:03

Firefox 62.0 Firefox 62.0 Ubuntu x64 Ubuntu x64

Thank you very much. This worked for me as well.

    yu · September 22, 2018 at 20:07

    Google Chrome 69.0.3497.100 Google Chrome 69.0.3497.100 Windows 10 x64 Edition Windows 10 x64 Edition

    @Anon Glad to hear that. Thank you~

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