Guake hangs when exit on Ubuntu 18

Guake is a dropdown terminal made for the GNOME desktop environment. Guake's style of window is based on an FPS game, and one of its goals is to be easy to reach. Recently, my new Ubuntu 18.04 LTS is meeting a bug. When I was trying to exit a shell, the Guake would hang over there, which makes this application even unable to use.


编译一个gcc 4.8

很多服务器喜欢用Ubuntu的各种LTS,13.04还好,反正随便更新下就完事,偏偏有些没个调的货要我在他的12.04上跑个必须要c++11才支持的东西,所以不得不出手装个gcc 4.8.x (more…)