Index of Installing, Configuring and Deploying A Hadoop Cluster

In this page, I am going to prepare a index page to help we all installing, configuring and deploying a Hadoop cluster.

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A sample to automatically cleanup tasks executed too long

Here is a sample code to cleanup MongoDB tasks. Read more

Here document, another way to write multiline into one file

Besides of opening a file using vim and emacs, there is another single way to write some characters into one file. Read more

Can not exec “libtoolize”/”aclocal”

Sometimes in building projects, we may meet an error seems as follow:

Can't exec "libtoolize": No such file or directory ....

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How to rename your machine

Changing the name of your os could be the first step after initialized you server -- at least it works for me. Read more

vsftpd: GnuTLS error -15: An unexpected TLS packet

TL;DR: Configuring vsftp is a difficult work and we always meet various of errors. In this post, I am going to introduce one possible solution of error "GnuTLS error -15: An unexpected TLS packet was received." when you are using vsftpd. Read more

Import GPG keys in Ubuntu 14 LTS

Installing deb repository requires gpg-keys some time. Recently, I am trying to add a mongo repository for Ubuntu 14, which requires to request some gpg keys first. Read more

ps command not found in fedora image in docker

Docker is a lightweight virtual machine container. To minimize the image, most of the official distributions were erased most the unnecessary system tools. Read more

cstdlib:75:25: fatal error: stdlib.h: No such file or directory

Recently I switched to gcc-6 in my OS X, and faced to VARIOUS of disasterS. One of them is the gcc compile cannot find header "stdlib.h" Read more


本文大多数内容摘自实验室一位 Paper Machine 张静老师的博士论文,它涉及到我们投出的论文 Panther: Fast Top-k Similarity Search in Large Networks,本体可以参考此处。本文意在随意介绍给恰好路过此处的哪位一点在大规模社会网络结构数据中对个体之间的影响力进行快速度量的思路,若有兴趣看看原文,并对你当前的工作有所帮助,那实在太棒了。

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已知一个程序,如何在 yum 寻找他所在的包

已知可执行文件 libtoolize(当然,目标也可以是 之类), 但是我不知道它在在什么 rpm 包下。一个很简单的方法是利用 yum 全局找一下。 Read more

CentOS 6 强行安装 glibc-2.14

CentOS 6 是一个比较老的 distribution 了, 但是在某些地方还是被使用着。在某些版本为 6 的系统中,我们若需要安装一些新的东西,即便引入新的 rpm,有时遇到说需要更新 glibc 的。真是为难人~ Read more



这是一篇来自 Quora 的问答的翻译,原文在:

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