In general, we can click File->Export Settings to export your configuration from one application belong to another belong to JetBrain. If we have multiple workspace distributed in our laptop and PC in our lab, we can even use some plugin like Settings Repository to synchronize the configurations automatically.

Unfortunately, according to my survey, we should NOT share one remote setting repository between PyCharm and IntelliJ IDEA since the configuration of them could be conflict.

After installed a PyCharm, I was supposed to synchronize some configuration like keymap to make it easier to code in this new environment. Export keymap from IDEA and then import to PyCharm, but it failed very soon.

This is due to I was using setting repository in IDEA, and the exported setting does not include the content of that repository. I believe it is a bug.

I have a workaround here.

0, Turn off IDEA and PyCharm.

1, Go to $HOME/Library/Preferences/IntelliJIdea201\d{1}.\d{1}/settingsRepository/repository/keymaps and find one or a few keymap configurations.

2, Create a directory to $HOME/Library/Preferences/PyCharm201\d{1}.\d{1}/keymaps if this folder does not exists.

3, Copy the files from $HOME/Library/Preferences/IntelliJIdea201\d{1}.\d{1}/settingsRepository/repository/keymaps to $HOME/Library/Preferences/PyCharm201\d{1}.\d{1}/keymaps

4, Modify $HOME/Library/Preferences/PyCharm201\d{1}.\d{1}/options/keymap.xml , set the value of "name" in as the profile you copied from origin path.

  <component name="KeymapManager">
    <active_keymap name="argcv" />
  1. Open PyCharm.
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